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Hollan Group: HR Consulting Group Celebrates Year 2 of Powering Possibilities

HR consulting group celebrates two year anniversary as it caters to small businesses in need of expert HR solutions

Founder Amy Hollan launched Hollan Group LLC in March of 2020 after being contacted by a nationwide pharmaceutical distributor seeking to ramp up operations as an essential service provider during the early days of the pandemic. She took on the challenge of recruiting warehouse workers as a side gig and never dreamed that two years later, the journey would lead her to leave full-time employment and launch an independent consulting practice with international clients across a wide range of industries.

“The pandemic has changed the way we live and work,” says Hollan. “More than ever, companies are dealing with the challenges of attracting, retaining, and engaging top talent, often while working fully or partially remote. When you add the increasingly complex legal regulations by which businesses today operate, it is clear most small businesses need help, even thought they may not be able to afford full time resources.”

Hollan Group LLC has been successful in meeting this need by offering both monthly value service plans and hourly, as-needed HR consultation. With 20+ years of HR and operational experience, Hollan can quickly assess an organization’s practices and provide recommendations and actions to build a happy, healthy, and legally compliant workplace.

As a woman-owned business, Hollan identifies with other entrepreneurs and business owners who are often overlooked by traditional consulting firms. 60% of her current clients are fully or partially women-owned businesses. Most of her clients are intentional about prioritizing diverse, inclusive leadership teams. They represent a wide range of industries including arts and entertainment, consumer goods, education management, healthcare, marketing and advertising, property management, and research. 50% of Hollan Group’s clients have locations in more than one state and 35% maintain a global presence with operations in two or more countries.

Hollan looks forward to the future and what can be accomplished when entrepreneurs and owners find trusted advisors to move their businesses forward. “The company’s motto is ‘Powering Possibility” and those two words are at the heart of what we do. We solve people problems so that businesses can thrive and flourish.”


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