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Workplace Coaching and Training

Conflict resolutions skills are crucial for fostering a peaceful, productive, and profitable work environment. Our workplace coaching and training services empower individuals, teams, and boards to navigate conflicts effectively, whether through one-on-one coaching or group coaching and training sessions.

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Our Coaching and Training Solutions

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1:1 Coaching and Training

1:1 coaching with team members or supervisors or follow-up coaching as part of a dispute resolution agreement.

Business professionals reviewing a document as part of a training session.

Group Coaching and Training

Group coaching and training within a work team, department, or the entire organization. 

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Conflict Resolution for Boards

Conflict resolution coaching and best governance practices training for board of directors and advisory boards.

What are the Benefits of Training and Coaching?

Better Working Relationships

Learn strategies to foster teamwork, collaboration, and cohesion among team members and nurture a more productive and harmonious workplace.

Less Stress and Enhanced Well-Being

Reduce the stress and anxiety associated with workplace conflicts, contributing to a more balanced, positive, and healthier work environment.

Decreased Risk of Legal Action and Wrongdoing

Lessen the risk for legal claims and wrongdoing  by efficiently and effectively addressing problematic workplace behaviors and conflicts.

Conflict Resolution Training Topics and Solutions

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  • The Peaceful Path: Navigating and Resolving Workplace Disputes and Internal Conflicts

  • Courageous Conversations: Establishing Safe Zones for Difficult Dialogues

  • Speak to Succeed: Mastering Conflict Resolution through Effective Communication

  • Your Conflict Code: Identifying and Assessing Your Conflict Style

  • Customer Care Champions: Resolving Customer and Client Disputes for Service Teams

  • Bridging the Gap: Navigating Conflict in Remote Team Environments

  • Crafting Conflict Solutions: Designing an Effective Dispute Resolution Policy

What is the Cost for Coaching and Training Services?

Investing in workplace conflict resolution coaching and training is a strategic choice that helps to create to a more harmonious and productive work environment. Our coaching and training programs provide the tools you need to succeed and prepare for a future where workplace conflicts are opportunities for growth and collaboration, rather than obstacles to success. Schedule your consultation today to receive a customized quote and take the next step on the peaceful path toward more effective dispute resolution and improved workplace relationships.

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