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Neutral Insights Third Party Review

Neutral Insights uses a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) called neutral party review that provides a transparent, unbiased process to resolve conflicts and enhance workplace harmony for businesses and employees.

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How Does Neutral Insights Differ from Mediation?

The key difference is the role of the neutral party in resolving the dispute. With mediation, the neutral party or mediator facilitates communication between the disputing parties and empowers them to reach their own resolution. With Neutral Insights, the neutral party or evaluator conducts an impartial review of the facts and offers an expert opinion to one or both parties on how to resolve the dispute.

Neutral Solutions for Your Workplace Disputes

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Threats of Legal Action

In the event of a potential legal dispute, Neutral Insights assists with assessing, navigating, and efficiently resolving conflicts.

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Unfair Labor Practices

Neutral Insights offers a proactive approach to addressing complaints of unfair labor practices and upholding an equitable work environment.

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Interpersonal & Team Conflicts

Neutral Insights specializes in resolving workplace conflicts, ensuring a more cohesive and efficient team and a harmonious work environment.

What are the Benefits of Neutral Insights?

Highly Customized Insights

Tailored solutions for dispute and conflict resolution that foster mutually beneficial outcomes.

Resources and Coaching

Tools and coaching to nurture healthy conflict resolution and communication skills.

Relationship Preservation

A focus on preserving and restoring collaborative working relationships whenever possible.


Protection and confidentiality of trade secrets and sensitive documents and information that could otherwise be exposed through litigation.

Trust Building

Mutual trust cultivated through an unbiased review of the facts.

Proactive Policies

Forward-thinking workplace policies and best practices that address the root causes of conflicts and reduce the potential for future disputes.

What Dispute Types are Ideal for Neutral Insights?

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  • Benefits and leave of absence disputes

  • Compensation, bonus, commission, and equity disputes

  • Confidentiality, non-disclosure and non-competition disputes

  • Disciplinary action disputes

  • Discrimination claims

  • Employment contract disputes

  • Employment termination disputes

  • Grievances as part of dispute resolution process

  • Harassment claims, including sexual harassment

  • Interpersonal, team, or group conflicts

  • Job accommodation disputes

  • Performance evaluation disputes

  • Retaliation and whistleblower complaints

  • Working conditions disputes

  • Workplace bullying claims

  • Workplace injury and accident disputes


How Does Neutral Insights Work?

Conflict Identification

Neutral Insights starts with identifying the conflict or dispute to be addressed. This may be initiated at an employee's request, following a company's dispute resolution procedure, or by a business recognizing the necessity of impartial third-party intervention. The neutral reviewer collaborates directly with one or both parties during the dispute resolution process, based on the preference of the requesting party.


Ethical and Impartial Evaluation

Neutral Insights uses an unbiased reviewer with no affiliations to the parties involved. This reviewer maintains the utmost ethical standards when assessing disputes and holds no stake in the outcome, ensuring complete objectivity. The reviewer prioritizes confidentiality to safeguard sensitive information, fostering trust and a secure environment for open communication.


Neutral Evaluator's Review

The Neutral Insights reviewer gathers all pertinent evidence and documentation, such as emails, performance records, witness statements, and any other relevant information. Depending on the circumstances, the reviewer may also conduct individual interviews with each party involved to gain a deeper insight into their perspectives and concerns.


Unbiased insights for effective dispute resolution

Following a thorough analysis and evaluation, the Neutral Insights reviewer offers transparent and impartial insights and expert recommendations with a focus on resolving disputes through a professional, results-driven approach.

How Much Does Neutral Insights Cost?

Flat Fee Evaluation

The flat fee for Neutral Insights is $300, which covers the reviewer’s preparation time and neutral evaluation up to two hours and the provision of written findings. If the review extends beyond this initial timeframe, any additional time will be billed at a rate of $75 for each 30-minute increment. Typically, the fee is paid by the employer or the person initiating the evaluation.

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Is Neutral Insights Different from Legal Advice?

Neutral Insights stands apart from traditional legal consultation and advice when it comes to resolving workplace conflicts.

Proactive Approach

Rather than consulting an attorney when workplace disputes escalate to legal concerns, Neutral Insights offers a proactive approach to address conflicts at their early stages, mitigating the risk of legal issues and promoting healthier working relationships.

Full Range of Recommendations

Attorneys typically concentrate on the legal aspects of a dispute or conflict. Neutral Insights goes deeper to incorporate creative dispute resolution methods that legal advice alone may not provide such as conflict resolution coaching and relationship reconciliation.

It's important to note that Neutral Insights is not legal advice. However, when consultation with an attorney is necessary, our solution-driven framework can facilitate a more efficient legal review, saving both time and money in the process. 

Elevate your proactive conflict resolution strategy by incorporating Neutral Insights as an essential component of your dispute resolution process.

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