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Partners in Possibility

Hollan Group LLC offers affordable fractional HR leadership to entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. With over 75 clients successfully served in various industries and locations since our launch in 2020, we have earned our reputation as a partner in possibility to those we serve.  Hollan Group is proud to announce its expansion into expert mediation, neutral third party review of business and employment disputes with impartial assessments and objective recommendations, and conflict resolution coaching. Built on a foundation of HR expertise and client trust, we resolve to help individuals and businesses save time, money, and energy through our professional mediation services.

Founder and Mediator 

Amy Hollan

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Amy became a mediator after seeing and experiencing the deep personal and professional costs of prolonged conflicts and legal battles in terms of time, money, energy, health, and relationships. Amy has benefitted from mediation in her own business dealings and personal relationships and seeks to help others choose a peaceful path when resolving disputes and conflicts.

Professional Experience and Credentials

Human Resources & 
Executive Leadership

Amy Hollan has over 25 years of senior and executive level human resources, operations, and entrepreneurial experience in a variety of industries and for companies such as CommuniCare, Culmen Real Estate Services, Ohio Living, Ohio Masonic Communities, and Otterbein Senior Life. Amy has mediated hundreds of workplace conflicts and disputes among individuals, teams, and boards and has facilitated negotiations for labor union agreements, first and second step grievances, and internal ADR processes. As Principal and CHRO for Hollan Group LLC, Amy has collaborated with over 75 clients in a variety of industries to drive employee engagement, talent retention, and organizational growth while aligning HR strategies to business objectives.

Mediation and Coaching Certifications

Amy has completed the Basic Mediation Training Course and Exam (Certification #8511) through ADR Mediator Inc. and approved by the State Bar of New York. Amy is a certified Entrepreneurship and Business Coach (#013123-EBC) and Employee Performance Coach (#4376185) through Transformation Academy.


Amy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources Management and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Franklin University. 

Image of founder and mediator Amy Hollan
Founder and mediator Amy Hollan standing against a bright window background.


Our Mission

Our mission is to guide clients towards harmony and resolution through expert mediation and conflict resolution services. We skillfully facilitate impartial discussions and encourage disputing parties to uncover mutually agreeable solutions, saving valuable time, money, and energy.

Our Values

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We honor each party's choice to participate in the mediation and conflict resolution process and to make their own decisions when seeking a resolution.

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We safeguard the privacy of all parties involved and create a safe space for open dialogue and trust-building.



We inform decision making by helping all parties grasp the issues at hand and the proposed solutions.

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We guide parties toward mutually beneficial agreements and resolutions that mirror their common values and interests.

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We encourage cooperation and open communication among parties and invite collective insights and perspectives.

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We recognize contentment and peace of mind as key outcomes of a successful resolution.

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